Anti-pinch protection!

Electronic windows are now standard equipment in more and more vehicle models. However, without anti-trap protection these can be quite dangerous, especially for children. After all the windows are moved with clamping forces of up to 300 Newton. This means that a thin glass plate of only about 8 mm thickness presses up to 30 kg onto a small child's hand or head. 

Simple versions without pinch protection move the window up or down as long as the associated switch is pressed. If a child gets stuck between this, it can be quite dangerous. 

Most window regulators are therefore equipped with automatic anti-trap protection. If the sensor detects resistance when closing, the disc stops. In better versions, the window automatically lowers again. 

How to recognize pinch protection

If your operating instructions do not mention anything about the technology of the power windows, you can use a simple test to determine whether or not your vehicle has anti-pinch protection. Hold a tennis ball with one hand against the upper window seal. Press the switch briefly with the other hand and let the window go all the way up. Now you can see whether the window stops at the obstacle. Ideally, the window should immediately go down after contact with the obstacle. If it changes its direction this has the best possible protection according to the current state of art. 

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