Beautiful living on the move

You don't need a plane ticket or a hotel room - just get in, drive off, and stop wherever you want. Your mobile living room allows you to be flexible and independent. We not only want you to feel free, but also safe and comfortable. 

What makes a mobile home a motorhome?

RVs are no longer what they once were - in the past they have been converted vans with the most important basic equipment for travel and adventure. Today, there are hardly any limits to luxury. But what makes a mobile home a motorhome? The minimum requirements are as follows: 

  • Have a seat! The motorhome should make a homely impression. For this you need a seat with a table. This may be removable, or hinged.
  • Good sleep! It does not have to be a king sized bed. A folded seat is sufficient, provided that this results in a sufficiently large and flat mattress surface. 
  • Good food! Preparing a meal requires a fixed cooking option. The stove must be approved for indoor use. 
  • Well cleaned! Clothes and provisions must be safely stowed while driving and while parked. The usual shelves and glove boxes in passenger cars and light trucks are not sufficient. 
  • Well attached! During the journey, the facility should be secured firmly in order to minimize the risk of injuries in the case of an accident. 

Sitting in the living area while driving

Passengers can make themselves comfortable in the living area while driving, provided the safety requirements for seats, seat belts and their accessories are met. This depends on the initial registration of the vehicle. 

Pay attention to your weight

For an increase in load or trailer load, you generally require approval from the vehicle manufacturer or a recognized technical service. 

The sum of the axle loads is not a sufficient criterion for possible load on the vehicle. 

Tips for motorhome alterations

If you are planning an alteration, it is best to speak in advance with a TUV NORD expert. Our experts will tell you what you should pay attention to and give helpful tips. Contact us today!

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