Hold the air

Check the tire pressure regularly. If the pressure is too high, the rides comfort deteriorates. Too low of air pressure will worsen the road and if you have a passenger and luggage with you, the tires will break. 

Short, long or bent - who holds the best?

The world of valves has many forms. if you have a fast motorcycle, you should choose carefully. For straight valves with long valve inserts, the mass of the moving piston is almost twice as large as for the short ones. At high speeds, its central force can become so great that the air escapes. 

Our tips

  • Use short valve inserts to prevent the insert from opening due to central force. 
  • Pay attention to tight-fitting valve caps. Steel caps are better than plastic as they often tear down lengthwise if screwed too tightly. If you drive without a cap, dirt can get into the valve. The valve may leak and you will have a creeping puncture. 
  • For tubeless tires, never use car valves. 
  • With bent metal valves you have no central force problems, but you should check the tire pressure regularly. 

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