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Are you wondering if you should buy a new car? Or are you wondering if a pending repair is still worthwhile? 

We can help you with this decision and give you tips on how to achieve the best possible sale result for your used car. 

TUV NORD Expert Tip

Before you sell you should find out what your car is worth - first clues can often be found on various Internet portals. 

Immediately after registration and in the first two years, a vehicle loses enormous value. After that, the loss of value is more moderate, but still quite high. Anyone who sells a new car after five years is generally at a loss. This loss can be up to 65 percent. After the first give years, it is then only 25 percent. It is therefore advisable to keep a new car longer. 

Today's vehicles have barely any weak points

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly more reliable. In the 1970's, the average age was around five and a half years, whereas nowadays it is more than nine years. 

For many engines in past decades often after 100,000 kilometers the vehicle's life was over. Today, 150,000 kilometers is the average. 

Repairs are often worthwhile for older vehicles

Regular inspections are important for the safety of the car, but also provides valuable clues for upcoming repairs. 

With increasing life, the repair costs usually increase more and more. Many car owners then think about getting a newer vehicle. In most cases, it is still worthwhile to invest a few hundred dollars in repairs and spare parts for older vehicles. Only at higher costs should a new vehicle be considered because repairs do not increase the sales value of the car. 

As a rule of thumb, repairs often account for more than half the residual value. If more than this, then it is time to invest in a new car.

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