Online or at the dealer - where do I sell my car?

The most used vehicle stock is offered for sale on the internet. The advantage is obvious: with an advertisement, several thousand potential interested parties are addressed across Canada. Although there is no online sales guarantee - especially for niche cars, a sale can take months. However, the chances of finding a buyer for the vehicle are the highest due to the large reach. 

A disadvantage of this method is that the seller is responsible for the design of the ad and for the response itself, and may need to invest a lot of time before the actual sale. Anyone who does not want to get involved in the risks, such as counterfeit claims, sell their vehicle to the classic car dealer. 

Many of these dealers, especially in rural areas, are now brand dependent or have contracts with multiple manufacturers. When buying a new car, the used one is often taken in payment. 

Your advantage: you do not have to worry about the sale yourself and take no risk. 

The disadvantage: You usually get less for your vehicle than with a private sale. 

In addition, today there are also many mobile dealers who often do not have their own office, but drive on call to the seller. These entrepreneurs prefer to buy older vehicles to ship as export cars to other countries.

Another option is car sellers with online buying companies. These companies often combine a professional vehicle rating and instant car purchases. As a rule, the customer bears no costs for the valuation and is not bound to the subsequent sale. With some providers, cancellations of authorities and insurances are also taken over automatically.


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