Properly preparing to buy a car saves time and money

In the beginning, it is important to choose from a wide range of car models that are within your budget. The Internet provides comfortable searches which masks options out of your price range. You can then look at the models and equipment packages you prefer on the manufacturer's pages. 

Visit your local car dealer

You will of course get the more competent advice from the respective authorized dealers of the brand you prefer. The dealers know best about the different models, equipment variants and engines. You can also get to know the car during a test drive. You should also check with your dealer for the delivery date of your desired vehicle. The specialist dealer knows which equipment variants have longer wait times. If you choose complete equipment packages rather than picking each one separately, you can usually be able to hold the key for your new car faster. 

Before purchasing a new car, find out about current special offers from your regional car dealers. They often show ads with attractive offers in the local press.


How to behave in sales talk

Visit the dealership on quiet days. This way, the seller can make more time for you. It is also important to allow sufficient time for the purchase of a car. First, make a concrete offer in your mind before you even bring your asking price into play. 

Avoid asking for a possible discount when other customers are nearby. If you agree on a price, you can then ask for free extras, such as winter tires.

Imported cars at special prices

For imported vehicles, buyers can benefit from the cheaper prices in neighboring countries. However, it should be noted that vehicle transfers and exchange rates can increase the purchase price once again. 

New car purchases on the Internet

You can also buy your new car via the Internet. Online exchanges are nothing more than a place where many dealers from all over offer their cars. However, with high discounts, caution is required. Be aware of any processing fees in advance. On the website you should be able to find reputable providers of all company data. Furthermore, the seller must be reachable by phone at local rates. The offer and the documents for the purchase should be clear. 

What discounts do car dealers offer?

Generally, car dealerships have different options to accommodate potential buyers in the price. Here are the most common options at a glance: 

  • Trade ins - the old used car is taken in payment for a better price at the dealership then what you would normally pay, since you will purchase the new vehicle there as well. 
  • Discounted - for an example, models of the previous year often need to be sold as quickly as possible to make room for newer models, and therefore dealers are often prepared to give you a particularly good price. However, for discounted models it should be noted that the car often has a high loss in value during resale in a short time. 
  • Special models - special limited edition models often have a special package of optional equipment such as a navigation device, hands-free, or similar. These are then not quoted as a new car discount by the dealer. This type of discount is only useful if you wanted these extras anyway. 
  • Special services - regardless of the previously set price, you can still ask to get free extras when buying a new car such as an additional set of tires. 

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