Get back to speed quickly!

A car breakdown is usually surprising and always inconvenient. All you can do is keep calm, protect yourself and others, and get help so that you can drive or have your vehicle towed to the next workshop.

Prevention helps

Regularly checking the following prevents mishaps from being regular: 

  • Engine oil level
  • Coolant level
  • Windshield washer fluid quantity
  • Tire pressure (also the spare wheel)
  • Function of the lighting and the horn
  • Check the condition of windshield wipers

In addition, in slightly greater time intervals you should visit your workshop for: 

  • Tire condition
  • Drive belt
  • Steering alignment
  • Brakes
  • Check spark plugs and antifreeze of the coolant

The right equipment for all cases

Glitches are very annoying if you don't have a matching tool or spare part at hand. Driving with faulty lighting or damaged wiper blades can be life-threatening and is grossly negligent. Therefore, you should always carry the following basic equipment: 

  • First aid kit
  • Operating instructions and tools on board
  • Spare fuses and replacement bulbs
  • Flashlight and mobile phone
  • Umbrella and rain jacket
  • Jumper cable and tow rope
  • Jack and wheel cross
  • Wiper blades and tape

For older vehicles, it is also advisable to have a liter of engine oil to compensate for any oil loss. Take spare lights with you even if you cannot change them yourself. This will avoid waiting times for the right bulb. Many petrol stations and small supermarkets have only a small selection of parts, and this is why a spare set of wiper blades is always recommended. With adhesive tape, you can also seal a leaking hose. 

Breakdown - what now?

If you stay with your car, turn on the hazard warning lights and keep calm. Bring your vehicle out of immediate danger or as far as possible to the right side of the road. If you cannot remedy the glitch yourself, ask for help. 

What you should consider when towing

It always comes unexpectedly and further driving is impossible. If you do not want to use a professional towing company, you can always tow privately. However, many motorists are unsure of what is allowed for private towing. 

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