The cheap repair alternative

The elimination of minor damages and blemishes often incurs disproportionately high costs on modern vehicles. A cheaper alternative is Smart Repair. This refers to repair procedures that are used to eliminate minor damages. The advantage of Smart Repair is that these processes do not require replacement or disassembly of the affected parts, saving both time and money. 

Smaller paint damages are eliminated with a "spot varnish." The treated areas can be kept as small as possible. 

Scratches and cracks in plastic bumpers are welded, troweled, sanded and enclosed with hot air. 

Small dents are pressed out of the sheet with special levering techniques without the need for painting it. 

Holes in the dashboard are filled with a special filler and then adapted to the component with colour. The structure of the dashboard is matched with textured paper or sprayed material. 

Burn holes in the car seat are repaired with a special repair material for fabric and leather. 

Stone chips in the windshield are filled with synthetic resin, which hardens clearly with the help of a UV lamp and closes the damaged area. 

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