Weather damage caused by storms and hail

When it storms so hard that even big branches fall down, every vehicle owner worries about their parked car outside. Hailstones can also cause fatal damage.

TÜV NORD is here to help! We can offer you a comprehensive damage assessment in the event of severe weather damage. The repair costs are exactly calculated, broken down and checked. In the case of total damage, we break down the replacement value and the residual value for you. 


Paint appraisals by TUV NORD

Paint damage is always inconvenient - especially if it is caused by external influences such as bird droppings, emissions, material defects or inadequate painting. If you want to get to the bottom of the cause of your paint damage, we will provide you with technical expertise. We provide information on how the damage may have occurred, indicate processing errors and show the quality of the materials. In addition, it is possible to break down the repair costs. 

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