Correct behaviour when bumping a car while parking

Tight parking bays and impatient road users can make you rush when parking. When backing out of the supermarket parking lot, it happens quickly that another vehicle is touched. 

One in five German motorists accidentally damage another car while parking. But how does one continue? Call the police, wait, or just leave contact details? 

A parking bump usually only results in minor damage, as the speed is usually very low when parking. The lesser the damage, the greater the impulse to pin a note to the windshield and drive away. 

Even with a small parking bump you should take the same measures as in a normal accident. First attending to any injured individuals, notifying the insurance, and exchanging information. 


How long should I wait onsite?

Regardless of how big or small the damage is, you should still wait a reasonable amount of time at the scene of the accident. 

For an example, a reasonable amount of time at a supermarket parking lot would be 30 minutes. Assume that the owner of the damaged vehicle is just out for a short shopping trip, and is coming back soon. However, it the owner of the damaged vehicle does not return promptly you should immediately inform the police and report the accident.

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