Save money and time with a spare wheel on board

Fully packed and full of anticipation for a long journey and suddenly the air is out. A flat tire is always inconvenient - especially if you do not have a spare tire and the workshop has already closed for the day. This then endangers your holiday, and gives you enough reason to keep a spare wheel. 

Many new vehicles are now equipped only with a spare wheel or repair kit to save costs and weight. This is usually enough for a flat tire, but in areas where the nearest workshop or gas station is more than 50 kilometers away, this can be problematic. Especially because temporary wheels often do not last much longer than 50 kilometers. In remote areas, this can mean that you cannot reach the next workshop. 

Even if you reach the workshop with the temporary wheel, it can happen that there is no suitable replacement tire at the time for your vehicle. It can then be very expensive quite quickly. In this case, not only is the cost of a new tire due, but possibly also overnight costs if you need to wait longer for a new tire. 

Make sure that your spare tire is not older than 10 years and has sufficient air pressure. Also remember to have a jack and wheel-hub with you.


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