Security/ Privacy

Will my personal information be shared with the seller/buyer?

No. Your information is stored securely for our records only. Your address and payment details will never be shared with a third party.

As a buyer, will I need to be on-site for the inspection?

No. Our certified technicians facilitate the testing on-site accompanied by the seller. You will receive a copy of the full report by email once the assessment is complete to review at your convenience.

As a seller, will I need to be on-site for the inspection?

Yes, our certified technicians require sellers to be on-site during any motor vehicle inspection so we can have access to the interior of the car, test the engine, and/or conduct a test drive.


How will I receive my report?

Your TÜV report will be emailed to you within 72 hours of the inspection being completed. You may print a copy at home, but only digital reports are available at this time.

How long does it take to get a report?

Inspection reports are delivered to the email address associated with your account within 72 hours. In some cases, such as if the inspector cannot get full access to the vehicle, reports may be delayed. You will be notified by email in the event of any delays.

What areas in Canada does TÜV NORD currently service?

We serve most major cities in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. As our certified team of technicians grows, we will expand to other regions.

Are there any vehicle types you will not inspect?

Currently, we only assess cars, SUVs, crossovers, and small to mid-sized pickup trucks. Unfortunately we are unable to inspect motorcycles, transport trucks, or other commercial/specialty vehicles at this time.

What qualifications do your TÜV inspectors have?

Our TÜV NORD vehicle experts are trained technicians certified in Pre-Owned Vehicle Damage Analysis and Estimation. Our company has decades of experience with vehicles of various makes and models; inspectors are only assigned to cases for which they have exceptional knowledge and we are proud of our extremely high standard of service.

Why should I trust the TÜV report?

TÜV NORD GROUP has performed millions of vehicle inspections worldwide. We are an international authority on technical advice and safety for a number of industries and guarantee your satisfaction with our service.

What does 'Vehicle make, type, & mileage' mean?

Validation of vehicle make, model and mileage (odometer reading).

What does 'VIN identification number' mean?

Comparison of the VIN with the supplied car documents for authenticity.

What does 'Vehicle main data' mean?

Review of additional items required for vehicle assessment including Engine Capacity & Type (gas, diesel, hybrid, etc), Transmission Type, Emissions Code, Number of Gears, Number of Seats, Condition of Wheels including dimensions and depth of tread, Type of Rims, Vehicle Colour, Type of Paint Finish and Maintenance History.

What does 'Exterior & interior condition' mean?

Visual check for accidental damage or corrosion of all exterior features including hood, bumpers, fenders, wheel panels, door panels and roof.

Interior check for defects and funtionality including door trim, seats, seat heating, dashboard, wipers, sunroof, lights, clutch pedal, seatbelts, lights, locks and center console features including radio, a/c, heating, clock, etc.

What does 'Underbody condition' mean?

Visual check for accidental damage, any defects or wear of all underbody features including axles, drive shafts, frame, chassis, steering system, suspension, exhaust, muffler, engine sealing and gear box.

What does 'Overview & damage pictures' mean?

Visual summary including images (minimum eight) of front view of vehicle (45 degree angle), rear view of vehicle (45 degrees), interior view through driver's door to see dashboard, front seats, dashboard with all control lights while engine is running, center console with equipment (air condition, radio, etc), back seats (picture shot through the rear door if possible), open trunk compartment with view of sidewall covers, mounted wheels, additional wheels (e.g set of winter tires).

NOTE: JPEG Format supplied

What does 'Test run engine' mean?

Technician starts engine, watches for excessive exhaust smoke and listens for any unusual noises. After the test run, a check for any leaks in the engine bay and underneath the vehicle is conducted.

Includes check of engine coolant and brake fluid levels, plus battery charge. 

What does 'Vehicle equipment list' mean?

Additional detail supplied for Engine Specifications, Style and Trim, Exterior and Interior Colours, Safety Features for Interior & Exterior, Unique Vehicle Features and Technical Specifications.

What does 'Repair cost evaluation' mean?

Using 3rd Party Repair Cost Estimation software, a detailed description of all necessary repair steps and breakdown of all labor and parts costs. Includes Labor cost summary (time/dollar amounts for each repair calculated with the local hourly rate) and detailed Part replacement summary of parts used within estimate.

What does 'Dealer purchase price' mean?

Suggested price supplied based on; Condition of the vehicle; Mileage; Factory options and trim levels; Popularity and demand; The current used car market: Previous accident repairs.

What does 'Test drive on-site' mean?

Short test drive up to 15km/h. This includes checks and assessment of steering, brakes, clutch and gears (including reverse). Audio checks for unusual noises will also be checked.

What does 'Test drive on-road' mean?

Full test drive up to 8km distance & 100km/h velocity. This includes checks and assessment of steering brakes, clutch, gears and suspension. Technician looks for squeals or alignment issues when turning the steering wheel. Braking checks include any vibrations or rubbing noises. Audio checks for unusual noises will also be checked at high speeds.

What is a 'CARFAX™ vehicle history report'?

This summary is a snapshot of the records CARFAX has found on the vehicle including accident/damage history, lien status, registration, stolen vehicle check and import records.

Cancellations & Troubleshooting

What if I want to cancel my inspection?

Inspection cancellation requests must be made 72 hours or more in advance of the scheduled appointment in order to avoid credit card charges. Cancellation requests within 72 hours of the scheduled appointment may not be possible and we are unable to offer refunds.

What happens if the appointment is missed or the inspector can't get access to the vehicle?

Appointments missed or where the inspector is unable to access the vehicle will need to be rescheduled by requesting a new booking. We are unable to offer refunds for confirmed appointments that are missed/ cancelled with fewer than 72 hours notice, or where TÜV is prevented from completing the inspection.

What if I didn't receive my report?

Inspection reports are delivered to the email address associated with your account within 72 hours. In some cases, such as if the inspector cannot get full access to the vehicle, reports may be delayed. You will be notified by email in the event of any delays. If you do not receive your report or a delay notice, please check your email's spam or junk folder before contacting Customer Care.

Customer Care

How do I reach Customer Care?

You are welcome to contact TÜV NORD by email at 24/7 and a Customer Care representative will be happy to assist you within 72 hours. For general inquiries, please use our website's contact form

What if I have questions about the report?

For questions about your report, you may reply by email to the address from which your report was sent or e-mail our Customer Care Team at 

What if I'm not happy with the service?

For concerns about your report, you may reply by email to the address from which your report was sent or e-mail our customer care team at 

Payment & Processing

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our service please contact customer service so we can make your TÜV experience better and supply an appropriate refund.


TÜV NORD will gladly refund the full purchase amount less a $10 Processing and Administration Fee if the following conditions have been met:

  1. TÜV NORD was not able to perform the inspection requested within 14 days of the purchase date AND
  2. The purchaser has requested an inspection cancellation within 3 days of the original request date AND no shorter notice than 1 full business day between the cancellation and the inspection date AND
  3.  No cost on behalf of TÜV NORD has been incurred
  4. A portion of the purchase amount will be refunded if damage is not noted on our reports ONLY IF these damages were present at the time of the inspection and can be verified from the photographs taken from the TÜV NORD inspector

There will be no refunds issued within 1 full business day prior to the scheduled inspection or if the cancellation notice is requested after the third business day after the inspection request date and prior to the 14 business day completion timeline.