Belgian food safety certification systems

Belgian food safety certification systems

Guides for self-checking

TÜV NORD INTEGRA covers the majority of the self-checking guides for the food industry.

Why introduce a self-checking system?

It is a legal obligation for all operators that are active within the food chain to develop a self-checking system in relation to food safety, legal quality and the traceability of any food produced (Royal Decree of 14 November 2003). In order to implement these legal requirements, you can use the ‘self-checking guide’ created by and for the purposes of the specific sector. This document, which has been approved by the Federal Food Safety Agency, contains recommendations regarding how legal hygiene, traceability and self-checking requirements can be fulfilled.

Why have a self-checking system validated?

The validation of a self-checking system is not obligatory but is encouraged by the Federal Food Safety Agency and offers the following benefits:

  • the presence of a validated self-checking system is taken into account when the annual contribution is being determined: companies with a validated self-checking system pay significantly less while companies without validation must pay extra (bonus/penalty system).
  • companies with a validated self-checking system are inspected by the Federal Food Safety Agency less frequently.

Your self-checking system can be validated by the Federal Food Safety Agency or by a Federal Food Safety Agency recognised certification body such as TÜV NORD INTEGRA.

Combined audits

If your self-checking system is validated by TÜV NORD INTEGRA, you have the following additional advantage: in contrast to the Federal Food Safety Agency, we can simultaneously also audit other food safety management systems such as BRC, IFS, Comeos and ISO 22000. Having these audits carried out at the same time offers interesting price advantages.

Which self-checking guides can be validated by TÜV NORD INTEGRA?
G-001 animal feed G-011 nutritional supplements G-025 industrial kitchens
G-002 dairy G-014 potatoes-vegetables-fruit G-026 bread and confectionery
G-003 butchers G-017 road transport and storage G-027 coffee roasting houses
G-004 breweries G-018 abattoirs/butcheries for hoofed animals G-029 drinks
G-005 ice-cream G-019 meat products/ready meals and salads G-032 fish
G-006 poultry abattoirs/butcheries G-020 mills G-038 grains/agro supplies
G-007 retailers G-022 chocolate, biscuit, confectionery G-039 wholesalers
G-009 transport raw milk G-023 horeca
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