Sustainability and social standards

GreenPalm is a trading programme where RSPO certified palm oil producers can register a quantity of their production. They receive one GreenPalm certificate for each ton of palm oil. Afterwards they can put those certificates up for sale on the GreenPalm web based trading platform.

Manufacturers or retailers can then buy those certificates online, in order to be able to claim that they have supported the sustainable production of palm oil. The palm oil itself is purchased, processed and sold in the usual way.

Companies who purchase and redeem GreenPalm certificates can be subject to a GreenPalm audit. A GreenPalm audit will check that the amount of certificates a company has purchased and redeemed is equal to the physical amount of oil made claims against. The auditor will then check any claims which the company has made concerning sustainable palm oil and if they are valid against the amount of certificates redeemed.

TÜV NORD INTEGRA, as an approved certification body for RSPO, offers GreenPalm audit.

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