European Water Stewardship

Environment and Energy

European Water Stewardship (EWS) is a European certification system, set up within the European Water Partnership. The European Water Partnership develops strategies and actions in order to disseminate and implement the European Union’s vision in relation to water. This new certification system is one of these methods. TÜV NORD INTEGRA is now also offering certification for European Water Stewardship. This certification system highlights the fact that companies are taking the initiative to create a water policy that is as sustainable as possible.

A ‘water steward’ must develop a management strategy within the company in order to

  • chart water usage and reduce consumption;
  • monitor pollution levels in waste water and minimise this;
  • take into account, when disposing of waste water, the possible impact on nature reserves and drinking water areas;
  • realise permanent improvements in terms of a sustainable water policy.

Achieving the EWS certificate enables companies to demonstrate to their peers, customers, investors, shareholders and others that they are dealing with water in a much more sustainable manner.

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