Safe Animal Feed

Feed Chain Alliance

Feed Chain Alliance is a private Belgian standard developed by Ovocom, the Consultation Platform for the Animal Feed chain (Overleg Platform Voedermiddelen vzw) in which all of the involved sectors are represented.

Feed Chain Alliance aims to guarantee the basic quality of animal feed. FCA certified companies must deliver demonstrable quality via working methods that are based on ISO 9001. Food safety and traceability are central aspects thereof.

Feed Chain Alliance is a commercial standard that contains a number of additional requirements as well as the legal definitions as set out in the self-checking guide.

Self-checking Guide Animal Feed

The Self-checking Guide Animal Feed is a guide, as defined in the Royal Decree of 14 November 2003, regarding self-checking, reporting obligations and traceability within the food chain. This guide has been developed by Ovocom (Consultation Platform for the Animal Feed Chain) and validated by the Federal Food Safety Agency.

Implementing this guide in your company and having it validated by TÜV NORD INTEGRA allows you to demonstrate that your company fulfils the requirements of a self-checking system (Royal Decree 14/11/2003). In addition, it also entitles you to a discount on your annual contribution to the Federal Food Safety Agency or means you can avoid extra fees.

For whom?

The FCA standard and the Self-checking Guide apply to the following activities:

  • Trading in and/or producing compound feeds
  • Trading in and/or producing premixes
  • Trading in and/or producing feeds
  • Trading in and/or producing additives
  • Storage and transhipment of products for feeding animals (for third parties)
  • Road transport of products for feeding animals
  • Sea and rail transport

Self-checking guide for grains and agrosupplies

TÜV NORD INTEGRA is also active for the self-checking guide G-038, for the trade in grains and agrosupplies.