Since 2002 BRTÜV is offering management systems and product certifications training helping to capacitate professionals from client company and others. Using as tutor qualified and experienced auditors BRTÜV provides audit experience in this courses making the training much more pratical to the trainee.

Asia and Pacific region


  • Promote and develop the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) training in China. They are:
    - United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
    - International Labour Organization (ILO)
    - European Union China (EU-china).
  • Successful cooperation with EU-china since 2007 in training the trainer for improving workplace cooperation, improve quality and productivity and cleaner production across Chinese industries.


  • TÜV India has been consolidating its Training activities over the last few years. It now offers accredited Lead Auditor Courses for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 27001. Plans are also afoot to launch an accredited LA course for ISO 22000. Besides these, various public training courses related to awareness, internal audits, TS Core Tools, Business Excellence, Six Sigma etc. are also provided. TÜV India also holds the NABET accreditation which is the Indian equivalent of IRCA. It has successfully faced IRCA audits on behalf of Nigel Bauer & Associates.
  • In year 2008-2009, TÜV India conducted 225 events of trainings including 50 courses for Lead Auditor Training and launched 5 new course modules. The coming year should see the launch of an e-learning portal as well as various courses for the food sector like HACCP/GMP training, ISO 22000 Awareness and Implementation course, FAMI-QS training or BRC Training


A regular monthly class room is now available for food producers. This is due to a strict regulation from the government these days for a hygiene food and beverages.


The first international accredited BCM auditor conversion course has successfully obtained the accreditation in January 2009. Three BCM auditor courses were conducted in Taiwan, China and Thailand attracting extensive attention from the IT market and strong engagement was achieved.



  • TÜV NORD collaborates with TÜV NORD Akademie to perform trainings for quality representatives. The participants receive certificates from TÜV NORD Akademie. Since 2005 more than 500 participants took part in the courses in Bulgaria.
  • TÜV NORD Bulgaria has a license as a centre for professional education of welders
    (License No. 200512297)
  • TÜV NORD Bulgaria is allowed to perform education for consultants and drivers of dangerous goods (authorized by the Ministry of Transport)
  • TÜV NORD works with TÜV NORD CERT & IRCA to perform IRCA trainings in Bulgaria

Czech Republic

  • Providing of open trainings in all activity areas of TÜV NORD Czech is a significant additional company activity.
  • Series of trainings for customers in Russian-speaking regions is to be evaluated very highly. Specifically, there were several trainings in the Russian Federation (Tsheliabinsk) and Belarus (Minsk) for automotive industry contractors. The increased awareness of quality management systems in companies dealing with components for automotive industry was one of the most useful benefit of the training series.


TÜV NORD Italia successfully launched a training seminar on a national basis, in the field of explosion protection. More than 80 participants have attended the 2008 version of the training program.


Verebus: Training defense staff in using materials database´

Almost 400.000 single items are registered in the Dutch defense materials database. This database is a legacy system and as time passed by, most of its users grew out of touch with the original functionalities. Verebus was asked to rephrase the corebusiness of this system and to train over 200 users in not just the correct use, but also make them aware of the underlying functionality.
Verebus started with a round of interviews to understand the system, followed by multiple rounds to enhance support for the project. Verebus used the gathered input to develop a training, and was also responsible for the production of the training materials and the training itself.


In 2008 alone TÜV NORD Polska trained 4.927 people. In total the company can offer 144 training subjects. As the only certification body in Poland TÜV NORD entered the market of business trainings in 2008 including the training for top management as well as soft management.


Since established, TÜV NORD Slovakia contributed substantially with its system of open trainings to the development and improvement of management systems.
TÜV NORD Slovakia was the first company in Eastern Europe to organize VDA-QMC licensed trainings for internal auditors according to VDA 6.1 requirements. All experts of the company are active as highly qualified trainers in open trainings. More than 1.000 participants attended our trainings during the existence of our company.
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