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EU driving licence authorisation

Europe's new driving licence ABC

What will become of Germany's old driving licences? This much is official: You may keep your driving licence with the category classification by figures. You are also assured the related authorisations. There are, however, many arguments for transferring driving licences into the current system, which is labelled by letter.

After 50, watch out
After the age of 50, drivers are subject to restrictions in certain classes. You must apply for any necessary alterations or extensions in good time, approximately three months before the expiry date, at the driving license authority responsible.

No more class 2 after 50

By your 50th birthday, at the latest, you must convert your class 2 driving licence as this age marks the end of the old driving licence. However, you can request an extension with a medical certificate. A routine health check can be performed by your GP, while a sight test must be carried out by an eye specialist, occupational health practitioner or company doctor.

Class 2 driving licences are converted to classes C and CE valid for 5 years each. If the driver in question is younger, the licence is valid until he or she reaches the age of 50. You do not need a medical check up or sight test to extend this licence.

What happens to class 3?
If you have your old class 3 driving licence converted to an EU licence, you are automatically authorised to drive vehicles in classes C1 and C1E in addition to vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t with trailers in classes B and BE.

This also allows you to drive vehicles with a permissible total weight up to 7.5 t and trains. Single limitation: The total permissible weight of the trailer must not exceed the empty weight of the towing vehicle. There are no time limitations, nor are you required to have regular medical check ups.

If you want to continue to make full use of your class 3 licence, you must apply for this conversion separately. This applies for trains with a maximum of 3 axles and 18.5 t total weight, for instance. You will then receive a driving licence for class CE, although this is only valid until you reach the age of 50. With a medical check up and sight test, you can extend your driving licence for five years at a time.

Notice: IF you do not convert your class 3 driving licence, you will no longer be eligible for the restricted class CE licence once you reach your 50th birthday. If you present a medical certificate, your driving licence may be extended.

If you want to make use of the options that are, in part, more extensive in the new classes (for instance class BE without any limitation on the number of axles), you have to have your old driving licence converted to a new cheque-card driving licence.

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Driving licence


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